Special cooperation conditions for regular customers. 30% discounts are provided for repeated use of the web application or simultaneous hacking of several accounts.

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We-Tracker™ administrators are working towards widening the audience and making the application available to more users. For this purpose, we offer our customers new special offers:

  • Special discounts and unique offers for active participants of the Affiliate Program.
  • Additional discounts are given when requesting simultaneous access to two or more accounts.
  • The lowest commission fee when paying for the web application with one of the acceptable cryptocurrencies.

The application has the following benefits:

  • Icon Over 95% success
  • Icon Full confidentiality
  • Icon Unlimited sessions
  • Icon Loyal pricing policy

Technical Support

The support desk works 24/7 and promptly handles the requests.


Clients Recommend

The number of We-Tracker™ customers recommending the web application.


Repeated Launches

Over a half of all clients repeatedly use the software to remotely access WeChat.

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The use of cryptocurrencies has the following advantages:

  • Anonymous Transactions

    Banks keep track of their clients’ transactions. Unlike conventional payment methods, cryptocurrency is not subject to any internal or external control. This ensures the required level of confidentiality and allows clients to conceal their financial transactions.

  • global

    Geopolitics Doesn’t Matter

    Cryptocurrency is a decentralized payment tool meaning that assets are stored on people’s accounts all over the world. Digital currencies can be bought or sold from any country. Transactions are not affected by any political, geographic or economic restrictions.

  • Low Commission Fees

    Only two parties such as cryptocurrency sender and receiver take part in transactions. Employed peer-to-peer technology does not require any expenditures for supervisory authorities, it minimizes commission costs. Besides, the user doesn’t have to pay any tax on the financial transaction.

Cost Efficient We-Tracker™

The software operates automatically in the online mode. We-Tracker™ does not require access to the device with the target account and does not use the user’s digital equipment resources. End-to-end encryption algorithms help to preserve clients’ anonymity Besides, the cost of the software use can be reduced when participating in the Affiliate Program. Bonuses accumulated for referrals’ activities can be used for hacking a target account for free.

You can familiarize yourself with the software operating principles.
for better understanding how the web application works. In order to find answers to frequently asked questions and learn about solutions to typical issues, please refer to F.A.Q.

Start right now to experience all the features and benefits of We-Tracker™.

Payment Methods:

Digital (Electronic) Currencies

Paying for the software with cryptocurrencies ensures confidentiality and hides your transactions from any third parties.

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Currency Exchange Payments are accepted in any national currency which is converted according to the current exchange rate of the Central Bank.

Contact Customer Support in case of financial issues:


Payment details are confidential and protected pursuant to the PCI DSS standards.