Anonymous Transactions: Safe and Reliable Ways to Buy Bitcoin

When it comes to remote monitoring, privacy is very important. Using cryptocurrency is the most reliable and anonymous way of conducting the transactions. It is a decentralized means of payment which does not involve internal or external control. Hence, we strongly recommend using Bitcoin or other supported cryptocurrencies to confidentially replenish the balance.

Buying cryptocurrency seems to be hard but it is not so. Using reliable services with intuitive interface, you will easily buy cryptocurrency and replenish the balance in BTC in 10 to 15 minutes.

The most popular ways to buy cryptocurrency are all kinds of exchanges and exchangers. They are convenient but require mandatory completion of the Know Your Customer procedure (KYC). In order to complete KYC and perform any other operations, the user must provide scanned copies of identity documents. It is believed that this condition prevents money laundering and tax evasion. Naturally, fulfilling this requirement, cryptocurrency buyer is not able to maintain complete anonymity.

One way to maintain confidentiality is to buy cryptocurrency from a private seller. But this procedure is associated with significant risks. In order to protect yourself and not become a victim of dishonest sellers, please use only trusted services and pay attention to contractor reviews.

Here we describe the two safest and proven ways to buy crypto:

localbitcoins LocalBitcoins ( is one of the most popular trading platforms, based on the principle of equality of transaction parties. Both buyer and seller of BTC can submit a request to conclude a transaction. The interested party selects the best conditions of interest and transfers the funds to the specified account. The administration of the resource controls all the trading processes being conducted on the platform and acts as a guarantor for transactions. The service interface supports 8 languages.

Simple Steps to Buying Bitcoin:

  1. Check the user agreement and register on the website
  2. Verify your email address to be able to create orders or react to the requests of other users.
  3. Check the guide on how to buy Bitcoins located at and follow the recommendations.
  4. Get to know individual bank account number in Account Balance section in the We-Tracker™ application and fund the account as required (you can fund your account in the Wallet section on the LB portal).
  5. To replenish your account with cryptocurrency, BTC blockchain may require over three confirmations to be done in the Dashboard.

Transaction speed depends on the network traffic and ranges from a couple of minutes to several hours.