Anonymous Access to Any WeChat Account

Confidential Transactions

When WeChat target account hacking tools are paid for, the importance of remaining anonymous can hardly be overestimated. Conventional financial tools, including bank transfers, cannot guarantee full confidentiality. The only way to eliminate the risk of personal data leaks is to use cryptocurrencies which are the tools that are not subjected to any internal or external control. The portal provides instructions describing the most reliable ways to anonymously buy BTC.

In turn, We-Tracker™ administrators ensure the best possible user data protection. Employed algorithms protect received and sent data against any external attacks making them inaccessible for any third parties.

User Data Encryption

All information transmitted from the user to the server and back falls into one of the following categories:

  1. Authentication data in the web application: login details specified during account registration.
  2. Information available on the WeChat target account: the phone number entered to launch the web application session.
  3. Target data archive - user information received as a result of successful hacking of a WeChat account.

All information received or sent by the We-Tracker™ customers undergoes several stages of encryption to be stored on a remote server only. User archives generated by the software are stored in the system for not more than 24 hours and then permanently deleted. Information on the target account activities is collected and encrypted automatically. The password specified when registering in We-Tracker™ is the key for deciphering. This makes data inaccessible for any unauthorized users including the resource administrators.

The following recommendations should be adhered to ensure complete anonymity:

  • When public Wi-Fi networks are used, encrypt the information transmitted (the simplest way is to use VPN).
  • Create a new email to complete registration in the web application and don’t use it anywhere else.
  • Use a unique password that does not contain any easy-to-guess or popular words and phrases.
  • Do not store the application authentication-related data in your browser, always log out from the account after session.
  • To ensure maximum security, clear the history and delete Cookies after the archive has been downloaded.

Hidden Monitoring of the Target Account

Account owner is not required to do anything to gain remote access to the target account. All operations take place in the background mode and do not affect the device with target account. If, after accessing the WeChat account the We-Tracker™ customer doesn’t send any messages or do any other actions in the target account, hacking will remain unnoticed by the owner. Software functionality and specific features are carefully described in Specifications section .

We-Tracker™ administrators use state-of-the-art cyber security solutions to protect their clients’ data. But this does not guarantee the customer’s absolute confidentiality if s/he does not follow the above recommendations.

Answers to frequently asked questions and solutions to possible problems are provided in the F.A.Q.

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