Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We-Tracker™ is an efficient solution for remote access to WeChat target accounts. WeChat target accounts. SS7 vulnerability allows the web application to intercept the system SMS containing the verification code and to provide a complete package of the target data from any WeChat account. The main software functions are implemented automatically on a remote server which eliminates the human factor.

This section provides answers to questions frequently asked by clients. If you haven’t found a description of your problem or cannot solve a complicated issue yourself, do not hesitate to contact Customer Support Team.

How does application hack a target account?

A WeChat account is hacked remotely using the phone number linked to the account. We-Tracker™ customers don’t have to know how to deal with sophisticated spyware, adjust or optimize any third party software or independently encrypt transmitted data packages. We-Tracker™ is installed on a remote server and is fully ready for use.

How can I ensure the maximum protection of my data?

Banking institutions have access to all their clients’ transactions, so the use of conventional payment systems for replenishing your balance cannot protect your data. The maximum level of security can be achieved by means of using cryptocurrencies, that are not subject to any internal or external control.

How does We-Tracker™ work?

The application operates based on mobile network vulnerability that implies no protection against external attacks in SS7 protocol. The user initiates hacking of a WeChat account, the software connects to the mobile data transmission network and intercepts the system SMS containing the verification code. The obtained code is then used to activate the target account on a virtual emulator. We-Tracker™ automatically generates a user data archive and provides the full account history to the client.

What are the minimum system requirements for this application?

The software fully operates on a remote server. Users only must have the following:

  1. High-speed Internet connection;
  2. The most recent version of browser;
  3. Over 2GB available in the HDD.

What information is provided after the session is successfully completed?

A target data archive containing the following information will be available in your Dashboard:

  • Incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Multimedia files saved by the user.
  • Individual/group video and voice calls.
  • Accurate GPS location coordinates.
  • List of Contacts stored in notebook.

Should I adjust any settings of the target device before launching the software?

We-Tracker™ gains access to the target account in the online mode so it does not require any prior setting. To create a user data archive, you must indicate the phone number (in the international format) linked to the WeChat account in the corresponding field.

Is it legal to use of We-Tracker™?

Every user of messenger can recover data using any convenient method. The system message interception procedure is fully automated and does not require the client’s participation which eliminates the legal issues related to the use of suggested approach.

Are there any limits as to the number of active sessions?

We-Tracker™ administrators do not apply any limits for clients initializing remote hacking of target accounts. It is up to the software users to decide on the frequency of the software use and the number of simultaneous sessions..

What guarantees do the tracker administrators offer to their clients?

We do not accept advanced payments for using We-Tracker™. Money must be transferred only after a target account has been successfully hacked and a user data archive has been formed.

What discounts and bonuses are available for We-Tracker™ users?

The Pricing section contains current prices and special offers. When a few accounts are hacked at a time, discounts of up to 30% are provided. Customers participating in the affiliate program and referring new clients receive bonuses that can be employed for free use of the software.

Is it safe to download the archive?

Before a user data archive is provided to the client, the software automatically checks it for viruses. This makes the data package completely secure so that is does not pose any danger to the customer’s laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

How to protect confidentiality when using We-Tracker™?

Accounts are accessed remotely in the background mode without affecting the operation of the messenger and the target device. End-to-end encryption algorithms are used when exchanging data between We-Tracker™ and the web application client making the information inaccessible for any third parties.